Context and Complexity

Success in China requires a flexible approach for a diverse market.

China’s Five Surprises

In the world’s fastest-growing economy, the last 10 years are not the best guide to the next 10 years.

The Right Way to Achieve Profitable Growth in the Chinese Consumer Market

The Chinese consumer market has awesome demographics. It is huge, young and growing. But competition in the consumer market is growing, too. To win in China, companies must create strategies that overcome pitfalls while taking advantage of local strengths.

Competing in China: An Integrated Approach

This is the second of two articles dealing with the challenges that multinational companies face in China and describing what they should do to achieve profitable growth there.

The first article highlighted the common pitfalls encountered in China and discussed the expected changes in the Chinese market and competitive environment. This second article describes what this integrated approach should entail. Companies should begin by generating deep … [ Read more ]