Sales Performance Management: Enterprise Incentive Management from Accenture

Accenture research has found that despite its importance, the sales function in many companies is not excelling—for two significant reasons: insufficient employee awareness of corporate sales strategy and basic shortcomings in the behaviors and capabilities of sales people.

Some companies have attempted to address these shortcomings by creating a pay-for-performance culture—shifting more of what they pay people from fixed to variable compensation—in the hope that money … [ Read more ]

Changing Sales Force Behavior to Achieve High Performance

High-performance businesses know that mastery in sales management is critical to success-to increasing share of the customer. Yet Accenture research has shown that many executives do not have the confidence that their sales organization is fully prepared for the challenge. Executives know that effective selling involves more than good processes and information systems; it involves developing the right people with the right skills and incenting … [ Read more ]