Sustainability Reporting: Straight to the Bottom Line

Two-thirds of the 250 largest companies in the world have adopted sustainability reporting as a tool to gauge future performance. This approach has little to do with vague concepts of corporate social responsibility or public relations ploys and everything to do with long-term business strategy. It is a crucial companion to financial reporting that provides data on nonfinancial factors related to environmental, social and governance … [ Read more ]

Keeping It Clean Overseas

Unethical practices such as bribery and kickbacks are business as usual in some countries, and U.S. companies are sometimes tempted to adopt a “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” mind-set. That attitude is dangerous in light of tightening laws against corruption at home and abroad. Finance executives should review their exposure and take steps to protect their company.

When in Rome…or Zimbabwe

Many companies are investing in or selling to overseas markets without adequate due diligence. Using commercial sources for risk analysis, maintaining regular contact with local people and developing a cross-functional risk management strategy can lead to a safe journey.

Setting Your Sites on Global Data

Current global economic data is available to anyone, anytime. But there are millions of pages on the Web, so finding the best data to further business decisions can be daunting. Here are some sites that offer high-value information and some guidelines for searching.

BPO Takes Off

Business process outsourcing is reshaping companies in fundamental ways — and raising new, complex questions that transcend cost savings.

The Value-Based Management Commitment

Improving and sustaining performance through value-based management requires fundamental cultural changes from top to bottom of the organization. Abandoning the traditional budget and the earnings game are prerequisites.

Antidotes for Troubled Times

Corporations are gaining a competitive advantage by building their image as good global citizens.