Finding Your ‘Best Fit’ Business School

How do you know when you’re a good fit for an MBA program? These tips will help you decide.

How to Score MBA Scholarships

Follow these guidelines to help snag merit-based aid and make your MBA a little less expensive.

How to Stand Out in an MBA Group Interview

As more B-schools introduce group interviews to the MBA application process, here are some tips on how to make a good impression

Questions to Ask in Your MBA Admissions Interview

In the MBA admissions interview, the questions applicants ask are as important as those they answer.

T-Minus 30 Days and Counting: Getting Ready for B-School

The transition from worker bee to MBA student can be challenging. That’s why business schools offer programs and advice over the summer to help newbies maximize the MBA experience. If you’re among the first-year students heading back to school in the fall, here are some ways you can train to sit in a classroom again.

How to Navigate the Dreaded MBA Wait List

It may seem like a lost cause, but there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting off the B-school wait list.

Is B-School Research an Expensive Waste?

Larry Zicklin says B-schools should put less emphasis on research, and students shouldn’t be footing the bill.

The Leadership Test Comes to B-School

The Graduate Management Admission Council, which markets the GMAT business school entrance exam, today launched a new online assessment tool designed to improve leadership and other “soft” skills. It comes with access to advice from executive coaches and an online library of content that allows users to develop skills at their own pace. It costs $99 for three years.

MBA Admissions Consultants: A Growing Influence

Despite their best efforts, admissions consultants have not yet won over top business schools. The admissions consulting industry, which advises applicants who are trying to get into their top-choice schools, has always had a strained relationship with B-schools. Many of the consultants were once on admissions committees themselves, and the schools worry that some of the consultants are feeding applicants what to say and even … [ Read more ]

How to Take Advantage of Facebook in MBA Admissions

By now everyone knows that admissions committee members at top business schools might look at a candidate’s Facebook profile. What is newsworthy is that an applicant’s Facebook profile, when carefully crafted and maintained, can actually help win over members of admissions committees.

MBA Essay Questions That Put Applicants in the Spotlight

Clever questions allow B-schools to gain insights into applicants. They also give applicants a chance to stand out in a crowded field.

MBA Electives Offer Hands-On Learning

Business school electives have taken a turn for the creative, tackling everything from New York City’s problems to health care to humanitarian relief.

As More Students Pay, EMBA Programs Adapt

Self-funded executive MBA students want career services comparable to those offered full-time MBAs. EMBA programs seek a middle ground

Applicant’s Dilemma: Choosing Among Top B-Schools

You’ve been admitted at two or more top MBA programs. How do you decide which offer to accept? Start by looking to your future

Ready, Set, B-School: Hit the Ground Running

One of the biggest challenges new MBA students face is time management. But making a few key decisions in advance makes for a smoother transition.

Ready, Set, B-School: Hitting the Books

For many, the toughest part about going to B-school is the lectures, case studies, and team projects—but a little preparation goes a long way.

GMAT Test Prep: A Primer

What follows is a roundup of some of the most popular GMAT test-prep programs available, with information on prices, offerings, unique features, and the types of students who succeed most with each option. Also listed: each provider’s Beat the GMAT rating (one to five stars), which are based on user reviews at the Beat the GMAT website.

Ready, Set, B-School

The first part of our series explains the best way for soon-to-be MBA students to prepare for their new life and get their financial house in order.

Acing the GMAT: Tips for Beating the Business School Exam

Let’s face it: Even though admissions committees at top business schools want well-rounded candidates with solid applications, the GMAT score can make or break an applicant. Although an applicant with a low GMAT score can still get into a top program, it makes the rest of the application that much more important.

Preparing for the GMAT—in the hope of getting a score that falls into the … [ Read more ]

For Part-Time MBAs, a Full-Size ROI

The return on investment for part-time MBA programs may be difficult to pin down, but graduates say the benefits are real