An Effective Employee Suggestion Program Has a Multiplier Effect

Empowered employees who actively submit improvement suggestions, give an organization a competitive advantage in generating cost savings, improving productivity and increasing efficiencies when/if a program is properly implemented. This article tells how a maintenance worker, a construction crew member and even teams have submitted suggestions resulting in very positive contributions to the bottom line. It also offers 12 best practices for establishing a program within … [ Read more ]

A Micro Look at Leadership Development

Taking a micro look at Gordon Bethune’s leadership tactics, there are several lessons one can learn on developing one’s own leadership style and that of others.

Employee Suggestions Contribute to the Bottom Line

Many organizations have seen the effectiveness of an employee suggestion program. It can be a positive force to motivate, improve performance, productivity, safety, and add to the bottom line.

Downsizing: Who Is The Real Loser?

Studies reflect fewer than 30 percent of downsizing efforts have achieved anticipated profitability. This statistic suggests the real downsizing losers are organizations and stockholders.