Great Eastern Toys (D) Case

Great Eastern Toys dolled up its management plan in 1996, to focus on expanding sales. Its plan, however, didn’t face up to the potential problem of working with other currencies, which is was forced to do in 1998. Its banker pointed out that the depreciation of the European currencies during the previous two years had resulted in substantial lost income. Although this is a ficticious … [ Read more ]

To Follow or to Find? Industry Influence on Leading Value Creators

What makes a value leader, and how much do industry dynamics determine value creation for different types of firms? Professor Gabriel Hawawini, Professor Paul Verdin and PhD candidate Venkat Subramanian re-examine the question to reveal new findings. Using 55 industries, they categorise firms within each industry into 3 main groups – the leading value creators, the value destroyers (the losers) and the rest that lie … [ Read more ]