IT Disaster It’s Not a Matter of If—It’s a Matter of When

Complacency, complexity and strained legacy systems are conspiring to raise the risk of an unexpected IT disaster to alarming levels. Standard backup policies and redundant systems are no longer enough. What’s needed now is a strategic emphasis on rapid and well-rehearsed recovery.

Managing the IT Lifecycle

How can an organization derive maximum innovation and strategic value from its IT function? By adopting a three-stage approach that considers IT mastery as a management and organizational capability rather than a primarily technical one.

Managing for Today & Tomorrow: Strategy & the High Performance Business

Less than a fifth of public companies have been able to consistently grow shareholder value in one of the most volatile business climates in memory, according to Accenture research. These companies know how to deliver results against current expectations, and know how to create future growth. In short, they appear able to balance today and tomorrow, when measured against multiple time horizons.

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