Gary Cokins

When measures are displayed in isolation of each other rather than with a chain of cause-and-effect linkages, then one cannot analyze how much influencing measures affect influenced measures. This is more than just leading indicators and lagging indicators. Those are timing relationships. A balanced scorecard reports the causal linkages, and its key performance indicators (KPIs) should be derived from a strategy map. Any strategic measurement … [ Read more ]

Gary Cokins

You can get an MBA to learn about the discipline of management. I received one from Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Its curriculum taught me about management, but I can candidly say that it did not teach me how to manage. There is a difference. Management involves strategy, analysis, and decisions from choices. How to manage involves people.

A Kite with a Broken String – The Balanced Scorecard

A balanced scorecard reports causal linkages and its key performance indicators (KPIs) should be derived from a strategy map. Any strategic measurement system that fails to start with a strategy map and/or reports measures in isolation is like a kite without a string. There is no steering or controlling.

Creating an Environment for Good Decision Making

Imagine that you are now the CEO. Further imagine that your organization is underperforming. Worse yet, your organization has low employee morale, high labor turnover, declining market share, falling profits, competitors that are under-pricing you, and constant criticism from your board of directors, investors and investment analysts. Sound like a fun job? What are you going to do?

An Interview with a CEO You Might Want to Work For

Have you ever worked for an organization where you doubted the leadership capability of your CEO, managing director, division president, or agency head? Have you ever been disturbed that your organization is not living up to its full potential in terms of its enterprise-wide performance management? Imagine that I am media journalist. How would you like to work for an organization whose leader answered my … [ Read more ]

Profit-Margin Math: Leveraging ABM Data for Exceptional BPM Results

A business performance management system is only as good as the information – and the analytical methodologies – it contains. Activity-based management (ABM) integrated with BPM ensures informed decision-making as well as accelerated profit and productivity improvement.