Danaher’s Instruments of Change

Distinctive capabilities have been central to Danaher’s success since the mid-1980s, when Mitchell Rales and Steven Rales, two brothers who owned a commercial real estate business, discovered they had a knack for buying and turning around ailing manufacturing companies. Over the years, the company had evolved from a highly leveraged startup to a profitable family of ventures with a market capitalization of more than US$40 … [ Read more ]

An Uncommonly Cohesive Conglomerate

How United Technologies Corporation—owner of Pratt & Whitney, Otis Elevator, and a wide range of other businesses—became one of the major corporate success stories of the past two decades.

Should a Company Have a Noble Purpose?

If you’re a senior executive or a strategic planner, then articulating a noble purpose may seem like a powerful way to energize the people in your organization to break away from your pack of competitors. And it may seem like a way to attract a more committed, more passionate, and more capable group of employees-people, like teachers, actors, artists, and nurses, who dedicate themselves to … [ Read more ]