The Globalization Debates

Most people agree that globalization and the introduction of a market economy have the power to do enormous good. But for many in the developing world, they have not brought the promised economic benefits – and in many cases, they have made things much worse. Three key players in the globalization debates – 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences Joseph Stiglitz, renowned philanthropist and president … [ Read more ]

George Soros on Globalization

Financial mastermind Soros (The Alchemy of Finance, etc.) has made his mark as a philanthropist with a progressive foreign policy, fostering open societies. He equates globalization with “the free movement of capital and the increasing domination of national economies by global financial markets and multinational corporations.” In this treatise, he explains how his vision to “make global capitalism more stable and equitable” acknowledges that antiglobalization … [ Read more ]