Harriet Rubin

Most people think that they need to know a lot about a subject before they speak about it. The challenge of speaking calls up thoughts that you don’t even know are percolating inside your brain. People are unread books. Speaking forces you to say out loud what you know deep inside.

To think deeply, don’t ask questions. Talk about something that you don’t entirely know—and discover … [ Read more ]

Harriet Rubin

Examples of people who lead in good times and make things better are rare.

Harriet Rubin

Ideas invite others to respond with imaginative gusto. Big imaginative ideas succeed by building on two principles. They are democratic (shared by everybody) and demotic (like art, they convince by being suggestive, not merely by making rational sense). By being evocative rather than explicit, they invite participation.

Harriet Rubin

Facts do not have control of you; your imagination does, and it need have no limits.

Who or what is killing the great women of the corporate world?

“This is the crime of the century: Women get to the top, and then they are murdered in cold blood. People are talking about the murders, but nobody is doing a Joe Friday-style investigation into who the perps might be. I want to know who or what is killing the great women of the corporate world? The clues lie deeper than the misuse of strategy, … [ Read more ]

Roger Cass, The Last Optimist

Roger Cass is the man who invented the idea of the Long Boom — the notion that we’re only 7 years into a 27-year expansion, the likes of which the world has never seen before. The future, Cass says, is already written. All we need is the confidence to accept it.

The Perfect Vision Dr. V.

Inspiring article about Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy, who runs several eye hospitals that restore eyesite to about 180,000 Indians each year, 70% of whome receive the service for free.

Dr. Brilliant Vs. the Devil of Ambition

If baby boomers had their own Faust, he’d be Larry Brilliant, a man who’s found himself at the center of almost every defining moment of his generation. His biggest battle: taming the devil of ambition.