Asiaweek: Positioning a Regional Magazine

Consider a magazine’s positioning – it needs to lie somewhere between global and local, between hard news and soft news, and in the right place to deal with the competition. Professor Hellmut Schütte and Jocelyn Probert examine Asiaweek’s positioning, its history and how it struggled to strike a balance in its Asian market.

BASF in China: the Marketing of Styropor®

BASF is a multi-national producer of petro-chemicals that has enjoyed a comfortable, well-padded history of success in the packaging industry. The company’s product Styropor®, one of the few branded chemicals on the market, is a commodity – somewhat like Lycra®. The authors explain BASF’s problem in this case study: since Styropor®, by nature, costs more than similar products produced locally in China, it needs to … [ Read more ]