Processes and Consequences in Business Ethical Dilemmas

What do corporations do when their products may be detrimental to society as a whole? In this recent working paper, Sybille van den Hove and Professors Marc Le Menestrel and Henri-Claude de Bettignies explore how processes and consequences constitute a useful framework for understanding how businesses face ethical dilemmas and examine the question of businesses’ good faith.

Ya-Who? A Modern Ethical Dilemma

Consider the ethical debate of cyber responsibility – who carries the weight in an unaccountable environment? A French court asked the question in 2000, when Nazi memorabilia was being auctioned on Yahoo!’s Internet site. Professor Marc Le Menstrel, Mark Hunter and Professor Henri-Claude de Bettignies delineate the legal, technical, philosophical, and managerial perspectives as they examine how firms handle the sometimes difficult social consequences of … [ Read more ]