The Gender Gap

INSEAD Professor Herminia Ibarra, co-author of a World Economic Forum report, sheds light on where different countries stand on the issue of gender equality in the corporate world and why women are still facing barriers to attain both the highest echelons and “mission critical” roles.

Does an MBA Make You a Better CEO?

Are CEOs with MBAs actually stronger leaders? The answer might depend on the age of the CEO.

Inspired by the raging debate last year over the role of MBAs in the financial crisis, we tried to analyze whether having an MBA influences overall CEO performance. In a large-scale study of CEO performance since they took office, we found that other things equal, MBA CEOs had a … [ Read more ]

Women and Leadership

Why aren’t women viewed as visionary?

Women and the ‘Vision Thing’

The good news is that in a study of executives, women did better than men on several measures. The bad news is that women fell significantly behind in one key area: vision.

Research by INSEAD professor Herminia Ibarra and PhD candidate Otilia Obodaru shows that women leaders are not perceived to be as strong as men when it comes to articulating a vision of the future … [ Read more ]

Nine Unconventional Strategies For Reinventing Your Career

The turbulent business market has caused many people to rethink their careers-sometimes without choice. Here are some tips for reinventing your career from Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career, published by Harvard Business School Press.