Howard Gardner

There are three factors involved in resistances: age, emotion and public stance. First of all, the longer your neural networks have been running one way, the harder it is to rewire them. Unfortunately, that’s just a fact of life. Number two, the things that you feel very strongly about emotionally are the hardest to change your mind about. And three, particularly for people who are … [ Read more ]

Howard Gardner

I don’t believe behavior change lasts unless people’s minds change voluntarily. I’m interested in leadership that’s overt and mind-changing that’s intentional.

Howard Gardner

When I say story or narrative, I have a pretty elaborate definition. There has to be a protagonist. There have to be goals. There have to be obstacles people can identify with. There has to be an ultimate resolution—hopefully a positive one. It’s not the same as having a message or a vision or a slogan. It’s a more encompassing, realistic, enveloping thing.

Howard Gardner Does Good Work

The originator of multiple intelligence theory prescribes a code of ethics for business.

Five Minds for the Future

Psychologist, author and Harvard professor Gardner (Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons) has put together a thought-provoking, visionary attempt to delineate the kinds of mental abilities (“minds”) that will be critical to success in a 21st century landscape of accelerating change and information overload. Gardner’s five minds-disciplined, synthesizing, creating, respectful and ethical-are not personality types, but ways of thinking available to anyone who invests the time and … [ Read more ]

Changing Minds: The Art and Science of Changing Our Own and Other People’s Minds

Minds are exceedingly hard to change. Ask any advertiser who has tried to convince consumers to switch brands, any CEO who has tried to change a company’s culture, or any individual who has tried to heal a rift with a friend. So many aspects of life are oriented toward changing minds-yet this phenomenon is among the least understood of familiar human experiences.

Now, eminent Harvard psychologist … [ Read more ]

Is the Social Entrepreneur a New Type of Leader?

Scial entrepreneur is a new term, much in the news these days. Social entrepreneurs are individuals who approach a social problem with entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. Whereas business entrepreneurs create businesses, social entrepreneurs create change. But is social entrepreneurship actually something new? What, if anything, distinguishes the social entrepreneur from other workers?

Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet

This is a penetrating exploration of the challenge of business ethics – free of preachy prescriptions – from three of today’s most influential psychologists. The book, based on a five-year study of multiple professions, examines the kinds of changes that would probably need to occur in business management for ethics-oriented systems to take root.