Uncommon Wisdom: Why Great Leaders Don’t Reward Results

In today’s economic environment—where most of us, even those who are succeeding—face pressure and uncertainty in our business, there’s an increasing emphasis on rewarding results. And why shouldn’t there be? Why shouldn’t we disproportionately direct praise, resources, and rewards to those who produce bottom line results? The answer is that—in the long run—doing so may empower lesser-valued employees, punish our future stars, and undermine the … [ Read more ]

Make Your Own Luck: 12 Practical Steps to Taking Smarter Risks in Business

Humans are gambling animals—and not just when we invest in the stock market. Every time we take an action—deciding which job applicant to hire, which product to launch— we are betting our time, reputation, effort, and money in the hope of achieving some future result.

Some people base their business bets on dumb luck, but the great ones. Eileen C. Shapiro and Howard H. Stevenson have … [ Read more ]

How To Be an Angel Investor

Authors take a look at the basic requirements to succeed in early-stage investing, specifically illustrating the Harvard Framework (called FIT Analysis when I was getting my MBA)