Transforming Organisations for Sustained Innovation

“Market-oriented” firms are better able to innovate consistently, but getting there requires complex and demanding organizational change.

Markets and New Product Development: A New Institutional Economics Perspective

In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that some of the key teachings of classic economic theory do not fit today’s business environment. Though firms try to follow economic logic, the nature of innovation strains their capacity to do so. From the inadequacy of classic economic theory to explain the constraints acting on firms, New Institutional Economics (NIE) was born. Combining several approaches, including … [ Read more ]

Inside Innovation: Impact on Category Development

Understanding the drivers of market development and evolution is the key to marketing decision-making. Often the focus for this is restricted to price, promotion and distribution. Professor Douglas Bowman and Hubert Gatignon present some other often-ignored innovation drivers, assessing their contribution to the market and category development.