Smart Growth: A Road Map for Executives

With the global economy on the mend, companies are once again looking for growth. But this time, instead of growth at all costs, they want smart growth – the only way to really improve the bottom line. We lay out the 10 questions a company must answer to find out if it’s heading in the right direction.

A Strategy for Supporting Innovation and Growth in Times of High Uncertainty (.pdf)

Creating strategy today requires a new toolkit. This article discusses the development of the Ambition-Driven Strategy approach, which supports innovation and growth – and a few thoughts on why traditional strategic planning isn’t working very well.

Bringing Corporate Responsibility Down to Earth

Globalization is a fact. Most people, though, still live on a regional basis. Globally operating companies who want to succeed must consider the regional preconditions that they operate under. This article shows how large corporations can set up reliable performance measures at a project level.