The Practical Wisdom of Ikujiro Nonaka

To help corporations create knowledge more consciously, the author of Managing Flow draws on Western and Eastern philosophic traditions.

Ikujiro Nonaka

Why is ultimately a question of purpose: Why do we exist? In most organizations, people are not encouraged to keep asking questions. As a result, people resign themselves to living with difficulties that they could actually resolve if they had a way to frame their knowledge within a larger solution.

The Knowledge-Creating Company: How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamics of Innovation

This book addresses the generation-old question of why the Japanese are so successful in business. The authors, professors of management at Hitosubashi University, contend that Japanese firms are successful because they are innovative, that is, because they create new knowledge and use it to produce successful products and technologies. They identify two types of organizational knowledge: explicit knowledge, contained in procedures and manuals, and tacit … [ Read more ]