Why Most Balanced Scorecards are Subverted

Business and IT managers have failed to get at the root cause of Balanced Scorecard ineffectiveness. Getting the most from corporate data will continue to be elusive until business management strategy and data management architecture are aligned.

E-Procurement Is Not Electronic Purchasing

This Technology Note covering the e-procurement is presented in two parts. The first part covers: 1. The Promise of E-Procurement; 2. E-Procurement Myths and Reality; 3. Preparing for an E-Procurement Initiative. The second part covers: 4. E-Procurement Architecture; 5. Selecting an E-Procurement Partner(s); 6. Implementing E-Procurement.
(see Part II at: Content: Article | Authors: C. Sabean, D. Geller, J. Dowling | Source: TechnologyEvaluation.com | Subject: IT / Technology / E-Business | Industry: Information Technology

Defogging the ‘Mission/Vision Thing’

Excellent article discussing the top 5 pieces of the Organizational Context Pyramid: Purpose, Mission, Vision, Core Values, & Strategy