Countering strategic risk with pattern thinking: How to identify tomorrow’s profit zones before the competition

Companies face numerous types of risk, and they hedge or insure against them in a variety of ways. However, the largest potential risk to a corporation–strategic risk–must be borne directly by managers and shareholders. They face the consequences if a company’s shareholder value collapses, stagnates, or becomes dwarfed by a competitor’s. Pattern thinking can help managers both foresee risk and identify new profit opportunities … [ Read more ]

Profit Patterns: 30 Ways to Anticipate and Profit from Strategic Forces Reshaping Your Business

Profit Patterns opens with a series of chaotic paintings by Pablo Picasso. Each piece is increasingly difficult to recognize; the final portrait is little more than a jumble of shapes and colors. But what does Picasso have to do with profitability? By recognizing industry patterns–by seeing the order beneath the surface chaos–managers, investors, and entrepreneurs can prepare for change before it even occurs. And while … [ Read more ]