James Hoopes

MBA students need more than professed values. They need to know that the world is morally complex and morally dangerous. They need to know that bad deeds can come from good values. They need to know that valuing integrity enough to keep one’s hands off other people’s money is only the beginning, not the end of business ethics.

There are many ethical questions in business life … [ Read more ]

False Prophets: The Gurus Who Created Modern Management and Why Their Ideas Are Bad for Business Today

Babson College history professor Hoopes traces American business theory’s antidemocratic strain by starting with “management manuals” for slave owners and overseers, seeing plantations as among the nation’s earliest forerunners of the modern corporation. The inference that modern workers are just as commodified as slaves isn’t accidental; one of Hoopes’s theses is that management gurus, by nature idealistic and utopian, are uncomfortable addressing the fundamental discrepancy … [ Read more ]