How ‘Gen X’ Managers Manage

Generation X managers are different from those in the baby boom generation. They are more skeptical, cooler and have different values. The way to get this independent group to perform is to make them understand.

Building Leaders: How Successful Companies Develop the Next Generation

Corporations are spending billions of dollars on leadership development initiatives. But are these programs paying off? Building Leaders takes a hard look at the successes and failures of more than a dozen organizations-including Ernst & Young, Motorola, the U.S. Army, and Federal Express. It identifies the three dominant approaches to leadership education and provides a blueprint for how organizations can use them to more effectively … [ Read more ]

Corporate Boards: New Strategies for Adding Value at the Top

A comprehensive look at the evolution of corporate governance reforms in the United States over the past 20 years, with practical recommendations for making the corporate board a more effective resource for companies.