Breaking Bad Leadership Habits

Leaders have to learn and practice new management techniques to overcome the habits that could be holding them back.

Managing Smart: Enabling Under-Performers To Become Valued Contributors

A recurring theme in today’s business press is the notion that companies are engaged in a war for talent. The idea is that success in a hyper-competitive marketplace comes to those firms that can best identify, attract, retain and motivate top talent. The problem with this mindset is that it tends to downplay and, arguably, even stife the development of those who are not considered … [ Read more ]

How to institutionalise dissatisfaction

Companies in trouble tend to embrace change, but companies that are doing well often resist. Ironically, when your company is thriving it is probably the best time to shake things up. You may want to start by making dissatisfaction part of your company culture.

How bosses reveal their attitudes towards employees

Can you tell if your boss really has faith in your ability to solve problems and manage your operation? If you think you can, chances are that the people reporting to you can also read your behaviour. Your low expectations may have more impact on them than you think.

Doomed to Failure

If there’s been unusually high turnover in your company’s ranks, take a look at each employee’s first week on the job. Too many managers let snap judgments made during that time affect a new employee’s whole tenure with the company.

The Set-Up-To-Fail Syndrome: How Good Managers Cause Great People to Fail

The set up to fail syndrome is neither about bad bosses, nor is it about pathological subordinates. It involves competent and well-intentioned people who get sucked into a dynamic that often goes from bad to worse. The book highlights the pervasiveness of such relationships and analyses how bosses can inadvertently trigger and remain blind to a dynamic that is hurting them, their people … [ Read more ]

Lee Coker

The members of Lee Coker’s team have varying degrees of experience and successes. How can he best manage this mixed group so that each person achieves his or her goals, as well as the milestones of the overall organisation? Professor Jean-Francois Manzoni and Research Fellow Jean-Louis Barsoux illustrate the challenges of operational management in this case study.