Jeff Blum

You can be a leader without being a manager but you cannot be a manager with also being a leader.

Visionary, Salesman and Pragmatist Model of Business Success

Josh Kaufman has posted an article, Are You an Implementor or an Enabler? where he posits that businesses revolve around two complementary skill sets. Here I offer an alternative, hopefully more complete model of what roles are necessary for business success.

Website Redesign: Marketing Suicide?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an important marketing tool. With so many professionals paying so much attention and money to SEO efforts, I am shocked by a huge mistake I see made repeatedly – site redesigns that break old links.

Business Book Summary Resources

Book summaries can be a useful tool to time-starved souls who want to keep up with business thought, trends, concepts, etc. In the spirit of summarizing, here is a summary of the various book summary services along with some free resources.

UPDATED December 2015