Five Things I will Do Different for My Next Startup

Appcelerator was not my first startup and certainly I hope not the last. We learned a ton from it and we made a lot of great decisions and certainly a share of bad ones — like all startups.

Here’s some of things I’d like to do different for my next startup and hopefully some lessons learned that you might find helpful. (Obviously, each startup is different so this … [ Read more ]

Jeff Haynie

The one thing you want as a founder of a startup are options. You’re going to die much much faster because you ran out of options. Options are really what it’s all about. Options give you a chance to control your own destiny. When the times get tough, if you have options, you can use them. Without optionality, you’re screwed.

Jeff Haynie

It is frankly very, very difficult to scale fast. At a startup, it’s close to impossible. You need a lot of things that are inherently a mismatch at a startup to make scaling fast work. […] How do you hire 50 people in the next two quarters when you’re only 40 people today? Those existing customers and existing roadmap? Forget it. You’ll turn 110% of … [ Read more ]