Auto-ID Across the Value Chain: From Dramatic Potential to Greater Efficiency & Profit

Next generation Auto-ID technologies promise a range of business benefits in many industries. This paper from the Accenture Institute for Strategic Change discusses the potential benefits across the value chain, and business models for deploying Auto-ID.

A Global Study of Supply Chain Leadership and Its Impact on Business Performance

Transforming supply chain operations can have a substantial impact on a company’s ability to grow and prosper, new research from Accenture, INSEAD and Stanford University has found.

The three organizations undertook the multifaceted research project to understand how companies derive competitive advantage from their supply chains. The research demonstrates a correlation between the quality of a company’s supply chain and its financial performance. It also … [ Read more ]

Why IT Still Matters

While some aspects of IT are becoming commoditized, other types of IT can still create competitive advantage, according to an Accenture Institute for Strategic Change study. The authors point out three ways in which IT can still make a strategic difference, and present a set of rules for managing IT that distinguish commodity from value-creating IT.