Brian Uzzi, Jennifer Robison

Teams with too many overlaps in their social networks are less creative — the team members all know the same stuff. Teams that aren’t networked at all, however, aren’t good at sharing what they do know. The most successful teams are those in which everyone knows one or two others but not everyone — and not no one.

For that reason, organizations should subvert the “proximity … [ Read more ]

The Power and Potential of Social Networks

Social connections explain a lot — from why some teams excel to why, when a husband comes home crabby, his wife soon becomes cranky too. That begs the question: What would social connections do for business if executives used them on purpose?

Is Hope on the Way?

In a tough economy, many factors affect employees’ engagement levels. Some factors, like a company’s financial performance, are obvious. Some are less apparent but particularly relevant to employees’ resilience amid stress. Among them: hope and communication in the workplace.

Can You Evaluate Your Own Abilities?

A Cornell psychologist explains why it’s almost impossible to judge your own competence — and how to overcome the blind spots.