Imaging Gets A Second Look

New applications and business drivers are fueling renewed interest in document-imaging systems.

EAI Users Go With The Flow

Enterprise application integration isn’t a term likely to make businesspeople sit up and take notice. But IT people know just how strategic and necessary EAI technologies can be in delivering on E-business strategies. Enterprise application integration is a godsend for groups charged with evolving and scaling their technology infrastructures and bringing disparate systems together.

While businesspeople may not care about the nuts and bolts of enterprise … [ Read more ]

The High Price Of Self-Service

Letting customers get answers directly through the Web may not reduce call-center costs.

Business-To-Business Platforms: Let’s Make A Business-To-Business Deal

This informative article discusses a lot of key differences between B2C and B2B E-Commerce platforms; since many of the latter are just re-tooling of the former, there are strong implications for those shopping for outsourced systems.