Strategic Value Analysis for Competitive Advantage: An Illustration From the Petroleum Industry

Managers can do a far better job if they understand how each process they manage adds value. SVA is a tool for gaining that understanding.

Editor’s Note: this article will be most interesting to those who care about the oil & gas industry but the SVA concept seemed to me to be poorly elaborated and more useful as a hindsight analytical tool rather than a … [ Read more ]

The Performance Management System: Turning Strategies into Results

“Even the best strategies do not implement themselves” is the pithy opening sentence of this article. The authors suggest that many management systems come up short because they focus too narrowly on measurements and results. Measurement is not management, as they put it. Instead, they argue in favor of the Booz-Allen system, Performance Management, that continuously analyzes decision-making and draws on intra-company relationships rather than … [ Read more ]