Joseph Stiglitz

There’s a pretty healthy tradition in the U.S. of socializing debt and privatizing gain. I don’t think it’s worked out very well.

Joseph Stiglitz on What Business Schools Teach That’s Wrong

The Motley Fool interviewed Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz in his office at Columbia Business School. In this clip, Stiglitz answers the question, “What is something that is taught in the modern business school that gives a flawed sense of how risk and financial markets work?”

The Globalization Debates

Most people agree that globalization and the introduction of a market economy have the power to do enormous good. But for many in the developing world, they have not brought the promised economic benefits – and in many cases, they have made things much worse. Three key players in the globalization debates – 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences Joseph Stiglitz, renowned philanthropist and president … [ Read more ]

The Roaring Nineties

As the chairman of Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers, and subsequently as the chief economist of the World Bank during the East Asian financial crisis, Joseph Sitglitz was deeply involved in many of the economic-policy debates of the past ten years. What did this experience tell him? That much of what we think we know about the prosperity of the 1990s is wrong. Here … [ Read more ]