Leadership Ensembles: Orchestrating the Global Company

Companies can no longer rely on single individuals at the top to handle the complexity and uncertainty of the global environment. Instead, they need “leadership ensembles”—teams that can capitalize on diversity, stay current with developments in different parts of the world while anticipating future trends and their implications, and make smart decisions without sacrificing speed.

Leadership ensembles are groups of executives, each with distinctive expertise and … [ Read more ]

Performance Management and Technology in Corporate Governance

This note addresses how performance management—the integration and application of the right information within decision-making processes and enabled by technology—may improve governance and reduce information asymmetry. Typical hazards of information asymmetry include missing financial projections by a wide margin, letting knowable risks knock a company off kilter or being unaware when management action might damage corporate reputation.

Integrating performance management into the board agenda should minimize … [ Read more ]