Fixing What’s Wrong with Executive Compensation

Furor over banker’s pay has put the spotlight on executive compensation. What appears to be a disconnect between executive pay and a company’s results has inspired renewed demands that companies “pay for performance.” The critics are on to something—and it isn’t limited to the financial sector. There is something wrong with the way most companies approach executive compensation. Before companies can fix it, however, they … [ Read more ]

Gerry Hansell, Lars-Uwe Luther, Frank Plaschke, and Mathias Schatt

There is one problem with all forms of variable pay—whether short term or long term, based on cash or on equity. There is always a fi nancial upside for executives (and sometimes that upside is quite high), but there is not an equivalent downside. To be sure, executives may not receive a bonus if they do not beat their targets in the company’s plan, … [ Read more ]