Measuring Your Way to Market Insight

To build closer connections to customers, start by developing analytical prowess.

Smart Customization: Profitable Growth Through Tailored Business Streams

The challenge for companies is not achieving a single point of focus. It is harmonizing multiple points of focus. No company is immune from the new customer mantra: “I want what I want.” In industry after industry, customers are demanding ever-higher levels of customization – products and services tailored to their needs. And they’re confident that, in an economy characterized by greater and greater information … [ Read more ]

The Better Half: The Artful Science of ROI Marketing

Companies can know where and how to apply marketing expenditures to achieve significant, lasting lifts in a product’s or service’s profitability. You might call our approach “Wanamaker’s Revenge.” We call it ROI marketing.

ROI marketing is the application of modern measurement technologies and contemporary organizational design to understand, quantify, and optimize marketing spending. The result: improved return on marketing investment, achieved through analytics-based decision making that … [ Read more ]

10X Value: The Engine Powering Long-term Shareholder Returns

What does it take to grow shareholder value at world-class rates? For many years companies have successfully focused their efforts on cost reduction through increased labor and asset productivity and have achieved short-term increases in shareholder value as a reward. Today, with their businesses re-engineered and running efficiently, these companies have refocused their energies into developing long-term growth strategies. Aggressive revenue-oriented strategies are the most … [ Read more ]