4 DON’Ts For Your MBA Essay

When you sit down to write your MBA essay, there are certain things you should aim for: a clear, realistic goal; examples from your experience to show your skills and personal qualities in action; a personable tone that makes the adcom want to get to know you better.
But I really want to discuss common essay writing mistakes that you should stay away from! Here they … [ Read more ]

Three Ways to Distinguish Yourself in Your MBA Essays

Here are three key writing strategies that will immediately improve your writing and help you highlight what is distinctive about you.

What You Need To Know To Prep For Your MBA Interview

Getting an interview invitation is exciting – you’re a step closer to pursuing your MBA at your top choice program! Now you need to prepare for your interview with the same focus that has gotten you this far in the application process. Here are some areas to help you focus your preparation

A Recipe For Rejection: Reasons MBA Applications Are Rejected

Why are so many candidates, with seemingly excellent credentials, rejected from MBA programs? Let’s examine eight reasons admissions directors site for rejection.

How Many Schools Should You Apply To?

How many schools should you apply to? The answer will depend on your unique situation and needs, and is a key element in your application strategy. Having a clear idea of how many schools you’re targeting before you start the application process will help you plan ahead and stay organized.

7 Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Apply to Business School

After you’ve assessed your profile and have a sense of how competitive you are as an applicant, it’s time to start thinking in broad terms about what you’re looking for in an MBA program. Consider what you need, and what you want. What is important to you – academically, professionally, and personally? What type of environment are you looking for in an MBA program? Here … [ Read more ]

6 Steps to Assessing Your MBA Admissions Profile

It’s best to start the MBA application process clear-eyed, and that means knowing exactly what makes your profile competitive (and where you may have weaknesses). This honest assessment will enable you to identify the right schools for you to apply to – schools that are a perfect match for your goals, and where your skills and experience make you a great fit.

Make Your B-School Application Stand Out

Admissions consultant Linda Abraham offers tips to prospective MBAs on ways to improve their applications.