The Five Steps to Better Decisions

Decisions are the coin of the realm in business. No company can reach its full potential unless it makes good decisions quickly and consistently and then implements them effectively. For more than 25 years, the three authors have consulted to organizations of all sorts and noticed all these organizations share one consistent trait: when they focus explicitly on decisions, they improve their performance. This article … [ Read more ]

How to Have Fewer, Better Meetings

Meetings can be the bane of corporate life. Yet meetings are essential to effective decision making and execution and thus to business results. The companies that are best at decisions have learned to manage meetings as carefully as they manage any other part of their businesses. It’s a three-step program.

The decision-driven organization

An effective organization is vital to success. Yet, Bain & Company research shows that only 15% of companies have an organization that helps them outperform. What separates the winners is the ability to make the most important decisions well-and then to make them happen. The key is not structure but rather an integrated organizational system that aligns five vital attributes-leadership, accountability, people, frontline execution and … [ Read more ]

Inside Kraft’s leadership corridor

The true test of any company’s leadership development is the caliber and depth of its senior management ranks.Yet so often we hear CEOs complain that they just don’t have enough talent on the bench. The problem is that traditional management development remains too far removed from the day-to-day realities of business. A few companies have pioneered effective approaches. Consider the tack taken by Kraft Foods. … [ Read more ]

Making Sense of Executive Pay

What is the right way of aligning executive pay and shareholder value? First, be clear about what really drives a company’s value. Second, link pay to successful strategy execution, as well as to outperforming peers in the stock market.

Putting Your Leaders Where It Counts

Companies that systematically and continuously put the right leaders in the right jobs outperform companies that don’t-by a wide margin. In this article, the authors argue that chief executives must recognize and act on the consequences of how they deploy their best managers.

Starring Roles

Good Leaders don’t grow on trees. All the more reason to nurture them carefully, say partners at Bain & Co.