Why Money Messes with Your Mind

Our relationship with money has many facets. Some people seem addicted to accumulating it, while others can’t help maxing out their credit cards and find it impossible to save for a rainy day. As we come to understand more about money’s effect on us, it is emerging that some people’s brains can react to it as they would to a drug, while to others it … [ Read more ]

The Science of Subtle Signals

By analyzing overlooked behavioral cues, researchers are creating a new understanding of organizational effectiveness.

Power Laws & the New Science of Complexity Management

In an intricately networked world, the study of “nonequilibrium” systems is teaching companies how to overcome risk.

Wealth Distribution and the Role of Networks

It’s an old question still in search of an answer. Why does inequality in wealth distribution repeat itself so consistently from country to country? New research suggests that network effects may be more in play here than the backgrounds and talents of citizens. It also suggests we may reach a tipping point where just a few citizens control most of the wealth. Should public policy … [ Read more ]