The Real Reason Your Multinational Team Has Trouble Communicating

In multinational businesses, team members often have to communicate information to colleagues based across the globe. But for a host of reasons, that information sharing often doesn’t happen as effectively as it should.

Wharton management professor Martine Haas was curious about precisely which issues were most responsible for impairing that vital communication, and what could be done to improve it. She and Jonathon Cummings of Duke … [ Read more ]

How Seemingly Irrelevant Ideas Lead to Breakthrough Innovation

At Reebok, the cushioning in a best-selling basketball shoe reflects technology borrowed from intravenous fluid bags. And at IDEO, developers designed a leak-proof water bottle using the technology from a shampoo bottle top. These examples show how so-called “peripheral” knowledge — that is, ideas from domains that are seemingly irrelevant to a given task — can influence breakthrough innovation. But how does such information make … [ Read more ]

Does Knowledge Sharing Deliver on Its Promises?

For nearly two decades, consulting firms, technology companies, R&D-driven corporations and other knowledge-intensive organizations have made significant investments in “knowledge management” initiatives. These initiatives are intended to facilitate the capture and transfer of company expertise as a way to spur learning and innovation. But research by Wharton management professor Martine Haas and a colleague indicates that knowledge sharing efforts often fail to result in improved … [ Read more ]