Pulling Away: Managing and Sustaining Change

Over the next year or two, companies will face substantial challenges. As the recession deepens, the battlefield will shift from great ideas and strategies to strongest execution. The companies that will prove to be successful will be equipped with action plans grounded in practical targets and tools to overcome key obstacles and inefficiencies.

Five New Year’s Resolutions to Shape Up Supply Chains

Bain research highlights five “New Year’s resolutions” that companies should make to roll back inefficiencies in inventories and forecasting-the kinds of inefficiencies that supply-chain exemplars like Dell are delighted to exploit.

Supply-Chain Survey

Did you know a recent study found that the top supply-chain performers spent only 4.2% of revenue on supply-chain costs compared to almost 10% for average performers in the same industry? And, most companies think they’re doing a great job with their supply chain, yet 44% admitted to having little or only basic data on it. Where’s the disconnect? Miles Cook discusses the survey findings … [ Read more ]

The Complexity of Managing Complexity

More discriminating customers are forcing proliferation of product types and demanding service through more channels than ever. For suppliers, managing SKU profusion means more than just trimming fat.

Is There a Driver On Your Supply Train?

With top supply chain performers working twice as efficiently as the average, the potential for progress is considerable. Here are ten warning signs that all is not well.