Seeking Common Ground in Conversations Can Stifle Innovation and Reward the Wrong People

he best baseball players don’t always get elected All-Stars. And the Nobel Prize doesn’t always go to the most deserving member of the scientific community. This, according to a pair of recent studies, is because such recognition can depend upon how well known an individual is rather than on merit alone. Moreover, because it’s human nature for people to try to find common ground when … [ Read more ]

The Thought of Acquiring Power Motivates People to Act

A study from the Stanford Graduate School of Business about what motivates people to take action finds that the prime mover, say researchers, is acquiring a position of power. Specifically, it is people’s new, more elevated perception of themselves after assuming a position with more power that inspires them to take more risks and pursue goals more confidently. Taking on a formal position of power—be … [ Read more ]