How to Answer Any Interview Question

Don’t be rattled by your next job interview. It’s possible to answer any question that comes your way. How? By preparing and knowing how to direct the conversation to the topics you want to cover.

Resume Gallery: A Tool to Help You Choose the Right Format

You may need to update your resume but don’t know where to begin. After you’ve distilled your qualifications and experience to the essentials, there’s an array of ways to present them.

Various resume-writing conventions — chronological, functional and hybrid, to name a few — have evolved over the years to support different job-seeker goals. You might, for example, need to change careers or downplay an employment … [ Read more ]

Why You Shouldn’t Shelve Your Job Hunt in December

Learn what recruiters are doing behind the scenes through the holiday season and get some insights into the executive recruiting world.

Should I Seek an M.B.A. Degree From a For-Profit University?

Perri Capell on what to consider when choosing a graduate business-school program (specifically, University of Phoenix).

Careers Q&A: How Much Should You Pester Interviewers?

A job hunter wants to know how many times to call back, and when you should take a hint and move on.

Networking Is Added To B-School Curriculum

Networking is now considered a necessity for new M.B.A.s, and graduate business schools nationwide are no longer leaving the development of this skill to chance. Many schools are building networking instruction into their curriculums or creating extra-curricular programs designed to spur the activity. In other cases, students themselves are creating vehicles designed to boost networking.

E-Mailing Resumes to Recruiters Won’t Generate a Big Response

Don’t expect instant results from e-mailing resumes to leading executive search firms. Even top-level candidates report never hearing back about opportunities. Here’s why the odds are stacked against this method.

Don’t Be Blindsided By Recruiters’ Questions

Search pros are like courtroom attorneys: They never ask a question without knowing the answer they want. Here’s how to meet their expectations.

Why Relying on Resumes Won’t Produce an Offer

Many candidates conduct job-search campaigns by sending out resumes. An executive recruiter explains why this tactic weakens their chances — and offers a new approach.

Executive M.B.A. Grads Decide to Look Elsewhere

Corporations are using tuition reimbursement for E.M.B.A. programs as a cost effective-way to help employees transition to a new job.