Trends in Postmerger Integration V: Cross-Border PMI

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are on the increase in virtually every sector across the globe. Although such transactions offer significant advantages, they also pose several postmerger integration (PMI) challenges, ranging from difficulties in obtaining reliable, accurate information about a target to cultural, political, and regulatory hurdles. This Focus discusses five major challenges and suggests various solutions, drawing on the experiences of companies that have … [ Read more ]

Special Issues in PMI: Dealing with Carve-Outs, Unions, and Other Challenges

As the economic screws tighten, acquirers are under mounting pressure to realize synergies from their targets as quickly as possible. BCG’s series of Focus Reports on postmerger integration (PMI) has already covered many of the keys to success but there are several special issues that demand careful strategic consideration. The third Focus Report in our series on PMI addresses four of these issues including carve-outs, … [ Read more ]

Thinking Laterally in PMI: Optimizing Functional Synergies

Acquirers often squander value in mergers by treating integration of business functions as a mechanical, cost-saving exercise – overlooking valuable revenue synergies and value generating activities. By thinking more laterally and approaching PMI as an opportunity to rethink how functions can enhance value, acquirers can secure superior long-term growth. This Focus Report, second in our series on PMI, describes how this approach can be applied … [ Read more ]