Tough Decisions: Choosing Among MBA Programs

Choosing among B-school offers isn’t easy, but potential career outcomes, financial aid, and the impact on loved ones should all factor into the decision.

MBA Admissions Consultants: Worth the Investment?

Admissions consultants may help applicants navigate the MBA application process, but they are ultimately unnecessary?

Reapplying: Is it Worth the Trouble?

Getting rejected doesn’t have to end your B-school dream. If you reapply, make sure you understand why you got dinged in the first place.

MBA Admissions: Applying in Round 1

Applying to B-school in Round 1 offers certain advantages, not least the ability to make an informed decision on Round 2.

Making the Most of Your MBA

A few tips on how to take advantage of your MBA experience

MBA Applications: Timing Isn’t Everything

If you’re planning to apply to MBA programs this year with the thought of starting next fall, you should consider what makes sense in terms of application timing. Most schools offer three deadlines and several others offer rolling admissions, which means that as long as you apply by a specific date, you will get your final decision within six to eight weeks of submission. Here … [ Read more ]

Acing Your MBA Application Essays

Now that you’ve created your application strategy, it’s time to sit down and begin working on your application essays. Meshing your strategy with the particular application components for each school can be challenging, but taking a 30,000-foot view of the entire application should make this process a bit easier.

The MBA Decision: Choosing a School

Here’s a brief reminder of some points to consider in choosing an MBA program.

Full-Time MBA: Things to Consider

While there is only one MBA degree, no two programs are exactly the same. While MBA programs teach you the fundamental tools of business, the way each does so can be distinct. When I try to explain the differences, I think about the range of attributes that particular programs present along a continuum of choices. By the time you stack all the attributes together, it … [ Read more ]

Full-Time or Part-Time MBA: A Primer

Fundamentally, the content is the same, but program delivery will impact your personal experience. As with all other aspects of career transitions, there is no single “right” answer, but identifying the right fit for you is a matter of “trade-offs.” Here are a few to consider.