Stuart Crainer

Project management sounds straightforward and somewhat traditional. A lot of managers are uncomfortable with these two things. They want something new and complicated, something that carries status.

The reality that project management is complex, multifaceted, and universal seems to have passed people by. The fact that project management is not really taught at business schools perpetuates this.

Stuart Crainer

People have an urge to overcomplicate and to reinvent. This is especially true in the realm of management thinking, where ideas are perpetually relabeled and recycled.

The Indians Are Coming

How management thinkers from India are changing the face of American business.

My Coach and I

Just a few years ago, news that a CEO or senior executive was using a coach would have raised eyebrows in the boardroom. Now it is the height of corporate fashion to assign an executive coach to improve leaders’ management performance and/or overcome their personal development deficiencies.

Making Yourself Understood

“Txt msgs bad 4 corp comms. Pls rd.” Confused? So are a lot of people. Here’s what happened to good business writing.

Thinkers 50

When it first appeared in 2001, the Thinkers 50, the first ever global ranking of business thinkers (gurus), provoked debate, disappointment and delight in equal measure. It attracted votes, opinions and media coverage from throughout the world. We were amazed by the response.

The Thinkers 50 2003 provides a completely new ranking, the definitive guide to which thinkers and ideas are in – and which … [ Read more ]

Tom Tierney

Tom Tierney was worldwide CEO of international consulting firm Bain & Company from 1992 until he began to focus on the Bridgespan Group, Bain’s non-profit affiliate, in 2000. Under Tierney’s leadership, Bain grew its revenues six-fold, expanding from 12 to 26 offices worldwide. He has now captured what he learned from the experience in the book Aligning the Stars (Harvard Business School Press), written with … [ Read more ]

And the New Economy Winner Is…Europe

The European Union is emerging as a formidable competitor among world economies, thanks to an aptitude for cross-border management and an ease with cultural diversity.

Flouting Conventional Wisdom

INSEAD scholars W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne say the key to success isn’t about your company or industry. It’s about smart strategic moves.

Financial Times Handbook of Management

At 1000 pages, the most comprehensive management book ever published bringing together the ideas of the best management thinkers in the world.

The Ivory Chateau

Is INSEAD the ultimate global b-school?