Management in the Second Machine Age

Future leaders will succeed by being entrepreneurial and by rethinking the balance between financial and social goals.

Building a Flywheel Business

By linking customers and capabilities, companies can generate the momentum for sustainable growth.

Editor’s Note: I didn’t find the flywheel concept articulated in the article especially compelling, but nor is it without any merit.

Three Games of Strategic Thinking

Decision makers struggling with uncertainty can choose from a trio of probabilistic models to match the type of risks they face.

A Better Way to Battle Malware

Emulating the methods used to transform production quality could clean up the Internet — and might even pay for itself.

Editor’s Note: this is really two articles in one, and it is for the second that I recommend it, namely a good overview of the history of the quality movement.

Cleaning the Crystal Ball

How intelligent forecasting can lead to better decision making.

An Essential Step for Corporate Strategy

Though often missing, a formal operations strategy can guide the crucial decisions that build competitive advantage.

Reframing Your Business Equation

Companies and industries are often driven by implicit formulas. Questioning their validity can lead to breakthroughs.

Launch and Learn

To consistently turn out profitable new offerings, companies must integrate three distinct innovation portfolios.

The Right Mix for a Pricing Fix

Balancing relationship building and opportunism leads to a strategy for all seasons.

Reinhard Selten

The Nobel Prize-winning German economist says understanding hindsight will improve foresight.

When Offshoring Isn’t a Sure Thing

Gung ho for going global? Make sure to look beyond labor costs. Specifically, three major variables should be considered:
1. Transportation Cost
2. Capital Intensity
3. Lead Time

The Power of Plausibility Theory

A new form of decision analysis is helping executives reevaluate risk management.

The Supply Side of Design and Development

Not all products are created equal, so supplier integration schemes must be flexible.

Beating the B2B Odds

Internet auctions create losers as well as winners. Game theory shows companies how to improve their chances.

What FreshDirect Learned from Dell

And what other e-tailers might learn from make-to-order pioneers.

The Four Phases of Continuous Sourcing

Purchasing can deliver ongoing benefits, but only if it cycles through a series of linked disciplines.

Why Outsourcing Is In

Once used largely for nonessential, tactical activities, partnering now covers core operations, transforming entire industries.

B2B Benchmark: The State of Electronic Exchanges

Business-to-business e-commerce is fraught with peril for buyers and sellers alike. An exclusive survey of 1,800 e-Marketplaces shows what it takes to win.

Marketing and Operations: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Marketers worry about top-line revenue, while operations people fret about cost. Differentiated Service Policies allow them to coexist.

The Last Mile to Nowhere: Flaws & Fallacies in Internet Home-Delivery Schemes

Investors have risked billions on Webvan, Urbanfetch, and other same-day transporters. The economics, though, show they won’t deliver for long.