As More Students Pay, EMBA Programs Adapt

Self-funded executive MBA students want career services comparable to those offered full-time MBAs. EMBA programs seek a middle ground

Executive MBA on the Rise

Not even ten years ago the Executive MBA (EMBA) world was quite different from today. Multi-school, multi-campus programs were rare, their development even endangered when – after the terrorist attacks of September 11 – travelling on international routes became less desirable. Despite those poor beginnings the EMBA programs have grown strongly ever since. The Financial Times reports that between 2001 and 2010 the number of … [ Read more ]

A Costly Lesson

If “executive” MBA programmes are not much different from their full-time counterparts, how do business schools justify charging twice the price?

A Female Face on Executive M.B.A.s

A handful of business schools are taking steps to boost female enrollment, but many say they still have work to do to attract more women.

And the Best Executive M.B.A. Programs Are…

The Wall Street Journal’s first survey of executive M.B.A. programs measures which schools do the best job of turning up-and-coming managers into full-fledged leaders. The result: A ranking of 25 schools world-wide that accounts for the rigor needed to build tomorrow’s corporate leaders and C-suite executives.

Financial Times EMBA Rankings

Compare data for the top EMBAs as compiled in this ranking. Use the interactive table to sort the data and find the best program.

Refresher Courses Help Graduates Get Up to Date

Ron Alsop on post-M.B.A. programs that attempt to lure students back to business school with continuing-education classes on industry trends.

Schools Create Courses To Fit Employers’ Needs

As executive-education classes become almost commodities schools find it pays to offer companies customized programs on timely topics.

Getting on the Fast Track to an Executive M.B.A.

Some business schools are switching to shorter, more flexible programs to appeal to busy managers and sponsoring companies that want to minimize time away from the office.

Behind the Rankings

Despite a slump in student satisfaction, executive programs generally remain a good investment, say BW’s Louis Lavelle and Geoff Gloeckler

How Corporations and Higher Education Can Work Together for the Greater Good

Business schools are increasingly coming under attack for the quality of MBAs they churn out. Senior executives complain that these individuals lack an appropriate level of experience with practical application of the skills they have been taught. Corporations can’t seem to get it right either, with training that often lacks significant focus on critical thinking and general skills. With ethical scandals running rampant and corporate … [ Read more ]

B-School Advantage

Top schools are letting CEOs tailor programs to get the most bang for their buck.

Not by the Numbers

While finance chiefs do seek tangible results from executive education programs, they don’t like measuring their effects in terms of ROI.

Exec M.B.A. Programs Saturate Some Markets

Does the world really need another executive M.B.A. program?

Plenty of business schools obviously think so. Every week or two, it seems, I receive a press release announcing yet another new part-time executive M.B.A. degree…

Funding for Executive M.B.A.s Is Sliding in Many Companies

A decade ago full sponsorship of an employee’s M.B.A. was standard practice at many large firms. But along with reliable raises, corporate sponsorship of pricey degrees is disappearing as companies trim costs.

Fertile Ground in Executive Education

When executives hear the word “environment,” they tend to think “burden,” but one executive-education program hopes to prove that sustainable business is a growth area where they “can use finance as a tool to add value.”

Executive M.B.A. Grads Decide to Look Elsewhere

Corporations are using tuition reimbursement for E.M.B.A. programs as a cost effective-way to help employees transition to a new job.

You Don’t Get What You Pay For

B-schools give EMBAs little help in job searches Executive Education Buyer’s Guide – Ten Intriguing Programs’s Executive Education Buyer’s Guide takes a look at ten intriguing programs. The programs range from Ohio State’s full-bore executive MBA program to Georgia State’s CFO coffee clatches to the exclusive workshops of the Finance Development and Training Institute. Included in the guide are past CFO articles and a directory of links to the featured programs and many other finance-education Web sites. There’s even a … [ Read more ] Executive Education Buyer’s Guide

While many CFOs already hold MBAs, a growing number are enrolling in executive education programs. The usual goals: to round out skill sets, bone up on specific subjects, or expand career horizons. We’ve profiled a handful of programs aimed at finance managers, on subjects that range from Sarbanes-Oxley compliance to mergers and acquisitions, from measuring business performance to alternative risk transfer, from social responsibility to … [ Read more ]