Beat The GMAT / MBA Watch

MBA Watch claims to be the “Social Network For MBAs” and tries to pull together all the information about business schools and applicants in one place. MBA hopefuls can follow different schools like Harvard, Stanford, or Wharton. It creates the equivalent of a Facebook Wall for each school, pulling in official blog posts, Facebook Fan page updates, and Tweets about the school. You can toggle … [ Read more ]

Management Paradise (MP) is one of the biggest online communities for Management students in India

A fairly active forum for MBAs.

OneStopMBA Forums

The forum section of the OneStopMBA website. Seems moderately active.

PaGaLGuY Forums

Very active forum from the popular Indian site PaGaLGuY.

BusinessWeek B-School Forums

Easily the most active and useful forum for MBAs on the Web. Business Majors Forums

The discussion forums for the Business Majors area of the About website.

MBA Forums

Philip White has put together this forum dedicated to MBA topics.

MBAweb General Forum

currently includes general, finance, assignment, and e-Business forums

ForeignMBA Forum

seems to be low-volume… discussion groups

brought to you by Princeton Review so lots of stuff on GMAT and many other topics as well Forums

basic categories include: choosing, applying, going, and financial aid,

FT MBA Discussion Forums

considering the source there isn’t much meat to this forum but still might be worth checking out, especially the thread on the value of rankings…