Patrick Lencioni

At its core, all authentic growth depends on more customers wanting more of what your company offers. Any other drivers–pricing gimmicks, heroic marketing efforts, forced acquisitions–are ultimately destructive.

Michael Porter

Efforts to grow blur uniqueness, create compromises, reduce fit, and ultimately undermine competitive advantage. In fact, the growth imperative is hazardous to strategy.

Edward Hess

Growth can be good and growth can be bad. It depends. Growth can create value, but, if not properly managed, growth can destroy value. Growth can destroy value when the amount of or pace of growth exceeds managerial capacity, stresses quality controls, stresses financial controls, dilutes one’s customer value proposition, and propels a business into a different competitive space where it will compete against better … [ Read more ]

Jeff Bezos

Every new business we’ve ever engaged in has initially been seen as a distraction by people externally, and sometimes even internally.

Scott D. Anthony and Mark W. Johnson and Joe Sinfield

Broadly speaking, organic growth can come from natural expansion of the core business, moves into near-in adjacent markets, and the creation of entirely new growth businesses. Companies need to have a rough estimate of their ultimate top-line and bottom-line goals, and how much growth they can reasonably expect to get from each of those three categories.

Peter Drucker

…a growth policy needs to be able to distinguish between healthy growth, fat, and cancer ― all three are ‘growth,’ but surely all three are not equally desirable.

Chuck Lucier and Jan Dyer

The development of valuable new businesses is the toughest challenge in business – far more difficult than sustaining an existing enterprise. Existing businesses benefit from inertia: customers won’t switch unless they are given a good reason, few employees leave voluntarily unless their compensation falls significantly below market rates, and returns on sunk investment may persist at substandard levels as long as a company can’t generate … [ Read more ]