Peter Drucker

Please accept the fact that the human race is split three ways: some people can take in information by looking at figures, some by looking at graphs, and a third group only by touching it, feeling it, or writing it.

Peter Drucker

The outside figures will always remain unsatisfactory for the simple reason that the important things that happen outside the business happen at the margin, and so they are not expressed in figures until it’s too late. They are qualitative changes. You can quantify them, but you don’t really understand the relationship quantitatively. I’ve been struggling with this for 40 years, and I’m not the only … [ Read more ]

Price Pritchett (?)

The truly successful managers and leaders of the next century will. . . be characterized not by how they can access information, but by how they can access the most relevant information and differentiate it from the exponentially multiplying masses of non-relevant information.

Thomas H. Davenport

Attention is the currency of the information age.

Michio Kaku

For all its promise, the Internet is too noisy a place. It brings us information in real time and at no cost, but it will never displace those who provide real insight and leadership. The ability to spot the trends in the glut of information is a human art. The future will provide a premium for leaders who offer such wisdom, and an audience willing … [ Read more ]

Business 2.0

Information is not always power…Privilege and power accrue to those who have the capacity to define the systems within which information will be exchanged.

David Weinberger

The fact that the Web is distracting is not an accident. It is the Web’s hyperlinked nature to pull our attention here and there. But it is not clear that this represents a weakening of our culture’s intellectual powers, a lack of focus…. Maybe set free in a field of abundance, our hunger moves us from three meals a day to day-long grazing…. Perhaps the … [ Read more ]

James Collins

Great companies don’t focus on information. They focus on turning information into information that cannot be ignored.