Why Choose a European Business School?

Many aspiring MBAs may wonder where a European business school will lead you. A close look at the 19 European programs included in our list of the best international business schools can help answer that question. One thing is clear: a European B-School isn’t necessarily a one-way ticket into a European career. The top employers of European B-School graduates are American companies, according to Bloomberg … [ Read more ]

Can Globalization Be Taught in B-School?

As companies seek individuals who can work anywhere in the world, plenty of U.S. business schools claim they’re “going global,” adding weeklong jaunts to China, Korea or Brazil and increasing the share of international students in their classes.

But that’s not enough to train tomorrow’s leaders, argues Pankaj Ghemawat, a professor of global strategy at IESE Business School in Barcelona.

Extra Help for Foreign M.B.A.s

U.S. business schools have spent years courting international students. Now that they’ve arrived—more than a third of M.B.A. students at many top schools hail from overseas—the institutions are struggling to keep up with their diverse demands.

Global MBAs: Finding One that Fits the Bill

Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or a senior corporate manager, all budding business leaders will need a global grounding. Here’s what to look for in a global MBA program.

The diminishing dominance of the American MBA

While the U.S. has long dominated the world of business education, European and Asian schools are ratcheting up the competition. Graduate Management Admission Council CEO Dave Wilson explains why he’d rather his child head to China for biz school over Harvard.

Rating Agency Begins Grading Business Schools

With the Dec. 1, 2009 sale of Businessweek to Bloomberg LP, the magazine’s former owner, the McGraw-Hill Companies, officially exited the b-school ranking business. It now appears that the company wants back in. Credit Rating and Information Services of India (CRISIL), a rating agency that’s majority owned by McGraw-Hill’s Standard & Poor’s unit, yesterday announced the launch of a new rating service for business schools.

CRISIL … [ Read more ]

Las mejores escuelas de negocios del mundo para ejecutivos

Since 1993, the unit of analysis and studies AméricaEconomía Intelligence conducts research and rankings of the major topics of interest to senior executives and entrepreneurs from Latin America.

Editor’s Note: in Spanish

At what point does a business school become international?

The great Winston Churchill once observed that he liked learning but hated being taught. Similarly many colleagues facing an internationally diverse group may like teaching them but hate having to translate and interpret at the same time as teaching their module. Most business schools now have some form of student exchange program in place, which means the adjective ‘international’ can be employed liberally in all … [ Read more ]

International Recognition Worth the Chase for Business Schools

IT takes years, can cost millions and there is a risk of rejection, which may be why most business schools don’t apply for international accreditation. But for those that do, it’s a case of proving their superiority by the company they keep.

Asia’s Best Business Schools

As B-schools in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and other parts of Asia make their programs more global, more Asian students are staying home to get their MBAs.

The Future is Another Country

A world of colleges without borders should benefit everyone, including students who stay at home.

China: Why Western B-Schools Are Leaving

Red tape, difficult partners, and weak demand have Western universities closing executive MBA programs.

China Economic Review – China Business Education

This site by China Economic Review, which claims to be the premier English-language China business magazine, offers regularly updated news on MBA related issues in China, a China MBA guide, and B-school profiles.

Financial Times European business schools 2007

Financial Times’ collection of articles and rankings focused on European business schools.

Chinese B-Schools Lift their Game

As the schools’ reputations improve, more local students are choosing to study at home rather than earn degrees abroad.

MBA Connect

MBA Connect is an independent, free, web-based, central clearing-house service connecting busy people with Australian MBA Programs which best meet their own needs. People wanting to do an MBA but finding it difficult to know which of the 40 plus institutions to contact for information, can have the footwork done for them with MBA Connect.

It works by simply filling in the Request MBA Course Information … [ Read more ]

Business Today Rankings 2007 – India Bschools

The BizDeansTalk blog links to several sites focusing on the ranking of Indian B-Schools.

How Students From Abroad Are Learning to Talk the Talk

Business schools are expanding programs to help foreign M.B.A. students prepare for careers in the U.S.

American M.B.As. Flock to Asia To Acquire Overseas Experience

Business schools are catering to a growing number of U.S. students who see the region as crucial to their careers.